Lab News 2016

2016   Interviewed for National GeographicWhy Are These Male Fish Growing Eggs?

2016    Poisoned Pets: Poisonous Plants from a Veterinarian’s Point of View. Center for Science Learning. Florida Museum of Natural History. Provided training for 30 docents at the museum who lead guided programs, staff discovery carts and interpret in the exhibits. Docents ranged from students in their early 20’s to retirees in their 70’s and 80’s.

2016    Florida Leadership Experience Tuesday & Wednesday, August 16-17, 2016 Camp Kulaqua, High Springs, Florida. College of Veterinary Medicine.

2016    Poisonous plants: Why we and our pets should be cautious! Elementary School Summer Camp: Botany Gone Bad at the Florida Natural History Museum. July 11-15th, 2016.

2016    Interview “Organochlorine pesticide dieldrin in Florida.” By Editor Brian Bienkowski. Environmental Health News, The Daily Climate.

2016    Expert Host for Wicked Plants: The Exhibit. Hosted a variety of people and organizations to promote inquiry and the public understanding of science and cultural heritage, while focusing on the main themes of Wicked Plants: botany basics, classification, plant defenses, and plants in our world. Florida Natural History Museum. May 14th, 2016.

2016    Animal Airwaves Radio Broadcast. April 23th, 2016: Poisonous Plant Awareness for Large and Small Animals on WUFT-FM in Gainesville.

Group photo

2016 South East SETAC Poster Presentations

Undergraduate Presenter Award to Anna Yoon (far left) and Graduate Student Presenter Award to David Dreier (far right).