Lab News 2017

2017    Tiny gut organisms may influence food cravings and what our bodies do with fat. Washington Post.

2017    Your Gut Could Help You Lose Weight, Fight Depression and Lower Blood Pressure by Jasenka Zubcevic and Christopher Martyniuk. Newsweek.

2017    Don’t hate your gut: It may help you lose weight, fight depression and lower blood pressure.” Published July 2017 by The Conversation.

2017   Could bioelectricity help regulate the innate immune system?Infectious Disease Hub.

2017    “Bioelectricity is a new weapon to fight dangerous infection” Wyss Institute, Harvard.

2017    Feb. 18, 2017 “Foods Toxic to Your Pet” Many poisonous substances exist in the environment that pet-owners need to be aware of, but among the most toxic substances for pets are located inside the home in kitchens or pantries. In WUFT-FM in Gainesville.

Gut Study
Published: May 11, 2017 By: Sarah Carey



2017    “UF researchers link brain regulation of immune system responses to changes in gut microbiota” UF Newsroom University of Florida, UF Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Medicine.